Reuse It UBC
About Us

reuse-it! UBC builds on the spirit of the Surplus Equipment Recycling Facility (SERF) which was in place from 1970 to 2006 and offered a store-front location for UBC students, staff and faculty to purchase and drop off reusable items.

reuse-it! UBC is a virtual warehouse that helps departments, UBC employees to find, exchange or offer low-value items. The goal is to build a culture of reuse at UBC via an online, easy-to-use platform, prevent reusable UBC assets from entering the landfill and help the university to save money via reduced tipping fees and avoiding costs associated with new purchases.

In the online Recyclopedia you can learn about the various saving programs and initiatives at UBC. If you are a UBC employee and have an email address you can register and post or find items that are $1,000 or less in value.

Take action and register today! Find, reuse or give away items and support reuse on campus.